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Best Kept Secret For Sibling Rivalry

BEFORE I thought it would be a great idea if I shared an important tip with you. To keep your sanity as a fellow parent. Come closer and listen carefully. The answer to all your happiness lies inside a mason jar and includes several popsicle sticks. Got it? Any questions? Oh, right! What is the secret to a parent’s sanity when having multiple children, you might ask? The Get Along Jar! It has…

A Homeschooling Mom’s Pep Talk

Congrats to you, brave homeschooling mom! You have super powers and someone watching out above if you have made it this far. The last few months of the current school year are just within reach. Stay strong and give yourself some grace in their too. You might be questioning yourself at this very minute, “Did I teach them everything they needed to know?”, “Was I too easy on them?”, “Should I pass them or have…